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How to send text from a computer?

Do you want to text from a computer for your business? Sign up to Texty Pro to start texting online.

Landline texting software for business

Texty Pro: If you need to exchange a lot of text messages to your customers throughout the day, you may want to consider using SMS software like Texty Pro. Texty Pro is a service that enables businesses to communicate with customers through text messages using their landline or VoIP phone number. The service provides a variety of features, such as sending and receiving SMS text and MMS picture messages, a shared text message inbox, assigning conversations, private inline notes, auto-replies, the ability to mark a message as unread, team internal chat, and contact management. These features are designed to help businesses streamline their text messaging operations.

With Texty Pro, businesses have the flexibility to send and receive text messages from anywhere at any time using their computer or mobile device. This allows them to stay connected with their customers and respond to inquiries quickly and efficiently. By using a business phone number for texting, companies can also maintain a professional image and keep personal and business communications separate.

Start texting online from a computer

Texty Pro is a business texting service that allows texting online from any computer using your business phone number. You'll be able to send & receive SMS and MMS text messages instantly. Sign up to try landline texting. Learn more about how you can text from a computer.

Can Landlines Receive Text Messages?

Yes, landline and VoIP phone numbers can be text-enabled to send and receive text messages. Click to learn how you can text enable your landline number.

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