Frequently Asked Questions

Can i set up a text service for my business?

Yes, you can set up a text messaging service for your business using your existing business phone number.

How can I set up text messaging to my business number?

Setting up your business for text messaging is quite easy. With popular text messaging services like Texty Pro, all you need access to your business number to start text messaging for free. Texty Pro comes with a 14 day free trial for all businesses.

Sign up to a business text messaging service using your business landline phone number. After you sign up, login to the texting service to start sending and receiving text messages using your business number. Text message recipients will see your business number as the sender. They will be able to reply to the text which you will be able to interact with via our website or our mobile apps.

Texty Pro Business Messaging Service is independent of your phone carrier and works without requiring any changes to your phone service plan or expensive equipments. All you need is a landline/VoIP number, internet, and a device that can access the internet such as a laptop or a mobile phone.

Why should I text with customers using my business phone number?

Landline texting is a quick and convenient way to communicate important information in real-time. Text messages are typically read within minutes of receipt, making it an efficient way to share updates, confirm appointments, or send reminders. Additionally, text messaging allows for easy back-and-forth communication, allowing businesses to quickly address any concerns or questions their customers may have. Overall, text messaging offers a fast and convenient way to keep in touch with business contacts, improving communication and customer satisfaction. Get started with a 14 free trial today.

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