Frequently Asked Questions

Are incoming SMS text messages free?

Yes, all incoming SMS text messages are free on every Texty Pro subscription plans.

Get free Incoming SMS text messages on your business number

Recently, we introduced free incoming SMS text messages as a thank you to our customers. All of our subscription plans include free incoming SMS text messages.

Sending an outgoing SMS requires 1 credit, while sending or receiving MMS picture messages will consume 3 SMS credits, just like before.

Questions Related to Text Message Costs

Landline texting software for small businesses

Using landline text messaging to talk to customers has several benefits:

  1. Accessibility: Landline text messaging allows customers to communicate with your business using a method that is convenient and accessible to them, especially if they do not want to or cannot call.
  2. Professionalism: Using a landline number for text messaging helps maintain a professional image for your business, as it is often associated with more established and trustworthy businesses.
  3. Efficiency: Text messaging can be a faster and more efficient way of communicating with customers compared to phone calls or email, as it allows for quick and concise exchanges of information.
  4. Customer satisfaction: Many customers prefer text messaging as a mode of communication because it is less intrusive and allows them to respond at their own convenience. Using landline text messaging can therefore help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Overall, using landline text messaging as a communication channel can help small businesses improve their customer service, increase efficiency, and build a more professional image. Text enable your landline phone today.

Want to learn more about how you'll benefit with business text messaging?

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