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How to Text from a Business Landline: Everything You Need to Know

In the event that you've arrived at this post, it's likely that you’ve heard about business texting, you're looking to text-enable your landline or, at the very least, want to learn more about the benefits and practicalities of doing so. In today's world, it is quite standard for landline numbers to be text-enabled. Regardless of the size or sector of a company, text messaging has advantages for both the company and the customers it serves.
How to Text from a Business Landline: Everything You Need to Know
How to Text from a Business Landline: Everything You Need to Know

Text to landline

Enabling two-way business text messaging and receiving a text to landline is no longer considered a "nice to have" function in the business world. Rather than playing the dreadful game of business phone tag, customers have come to anticipate and prefer to text your company.

Business texting/business landline texting is the preferred method of communication for your customers—over 78 percent of consumers prefer to text with a company rather than using any other medium. Business texting app make it possible to send and receive SMS messages from your landline number without affecting your phone line as it does not interfere with your calls or your current phone bill.

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Business Texting from a Landline: What Does It Mean?

The ability to send and receive SMS messages from a landline means that you can use your current business landline number to send and receive messages with customers using any device including the device you’re reading this article on – no extra hardware or complicated contracts are necessary.

With a text-to-landline option, your customers will be able to text your current company phone number immediately after seeing your ad, finding you on social media or from your website.

Most essential, you provide your customers with the option to interact with your company in the manner of their choosing. Using text messaging to communicate with a company is not only quicker and more preferable, but it also reduces the barrier associated with contacting a business, allowing you to scale up business communication, reduce resource consumption, and enhance the customer experience.

How to Text Using a Landline

How do you text a number? The use of landline texting apps makes sending text messages from a business phone number a straightforward process. Essentially, these applications are third-party services that allow you to text from your landline and provide a simple interface for managing communication.

With the help of a landline texting service such as Texty Pro, you can monitor and reply to incoming business text messages from the convenience of your smartphone or any computer with an internet connection.

You can also be up and running with Texty Pro's landline texting capability in no time at all, allowing you to provide your clients with the self-service experience they want and, frankly, deserve! There will be no porting, no hardware, and no difficulties.

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Features and Functions of the Best Texting from Landline Service/App

The pricing and functionality of landline texting services might vary greatly from one another. When choosing a text-to-landline app, pay particular attention to the functions that are included.

Texty Pro is a landline texting platform that allows anyone to text your company's landline number instead of calling it. Making texting available helps you avoid possible missed calls and income while also alleviating the pressure on your reception team.

Following Are Key Advantages of Business Texting That You Will Not Want to Overlook:

Reduced Phone Calls By Converting Callers to Start Texting Your Business

With Texty Pro, incoming callers have the option to text your company, allowing you to minimize your call burden and begin routing consumers to SMS messages

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Send Text Message Responses That Are Automated and Driven by Artificial Intelligence

It is impossible for you to answer all of your phone calls and emails on a regular especially if you are a small business. With Texty Pro, you won't have to worry about that. When a text message comes in, this system responds with information you've predefined, such greeting customers that are texting you for the first time, business hours, and more based on the trigger such as your business hours. Instead of introducing another communication line for your personnel to maintain, you may save time by having your reception or customer service team handle multiple questions at the same time.

Ensure That Communications Are Delivered to the Appropriate Person or Department

There's nothing more frustrating than phoning a company and having to wait on hold for hours just to speak with the appropriate department. When you are texting from your landline number with Texty Pro, every team member will have access to all the text messages sent and received. You can add a private note that only team members can see and mention someone directly on the text message thread. Although the private note is shown inside the text message, your customer will not receive the private note as it is meant for internal use for you and your team members only.

Increased Staff Productivity

As it is becoming more difficult to connect with a prospect, landline texting for business is an important component in assisting firms and individual workers in becoming more productive. Text messaging helps to avoid the danger of not reaching contacts or prospects, as well as the possibility of missing revenue as a result of the tiring game of telephone tag.

Happy, Returning Customers

When it comes to communication, it's safe to assume that the vast majority of the public with whom you'd interact as a company would prefer to type a text message rather than speak. There is no denying that there is a place for phone calls, but we find that texts have a certain appeal for us; we'd rather compose brief responses to short messages than long responses to lengthy emails. For the most part, text messages are concise and are meant to convey information more quickly than email. In comparison to emails or phone conversations, they are not as time-consuming. Text messages, in contrast, can be replied to from anywhere and anytime. It may happen on the commute, during lunch, or even in other meetings.

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Get started with Texty Pro

Texting from a landline is one of the most important things that companies should look out for, as many people nowadays are comfortable responding to text messages rather than long and sometimes awkward phone calls.

With our 14-day trial, you can try landline texting for free. You may send and receive business text messages from anywhere in the world using our website and mobile applications.

Questions about texting with your business number?

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Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro