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Does landline text messages affect my phone line? Do I need to call my phone carrier for anything extra?

Your phone line will not be affected at all. Texty Pro does not interfere with your calls or your current phone bill. Texty Pro is independent of your phone carrier; all you need is a computer or a smart phone with internet access.

Do I need to contact my phone carrier for additional assistance?

When it comes to using landline text messaging, it is common to wonder if it has any impact on your phone line and whether you need to contact your phone carrier for additional requirements. The answer is no. Landline text messages do not affect your phone line, and you don't need to call your phone carrier for anything extra. Your landline number will still function normally for voice calls, and the landline text messaging service will operate independently. Therefore, there is no need to worry about any interference with your phone line or any additional requirements from your phone carrier.

Landline texting is enabled through a third-party SMS service provider, such as Texty Pro, that uses your existing phone number and does not interfere with your phone line or service. The service provider will handle all the technical aspects of sending and receiving text messages, so you can simply focus on communicating with your customers or clients via text. It's important to note that while landline texting does not affect your phone line whatsoever, you will be charged a subscription fee for the Texty Pro SMS service.

Can landline text messaging affect my phone line?

Since Texty Pro Business Texting Service is independent of your phone carrier, all you have to do is simply sign up and verify your phone number to start text messaging using your landline number. No changes are made to your voice phone calls, extensions, forwarding or voicemails so you'll still be able to talk on the phone as usual.

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