Top Three Tips for Business Text Messaging with Texty Pro

Business texting is a simple and convenient way to talk directly to your customers. Learn three ways to make landline texting work for your business. From texting with customers to collaborating with coworkers, Texty Pro is built for your whole business needs.
July 14, 2022
Top Three Tips for Business Text Messaging with Texty ProTop Three Tips for Business Text Messaging with Texty Pro

Send text from computer with business landline texting

If you are looking for an addition to your current business phone calls, you can easily add landline text messaging. With a texting platform like Texty Pro, text enabling your landline number requires nothing more than an existing landline phone number and computer. You can access and send a text from a computer using any modern web browser or using our iOS and Android apps. Business texting does not have to be complicated.

Once you have text-enabled your landline phone number, you can start sending and receiving text messages right away. Choose how you want to use text messaging in your daily business. Use it for incoming customer service questions, alternatives to ongoing calls and email messages, appropriate marketing, and many other industry-specific ways. Here is a quick guide to three tips to getting started and boosting your business’ landline texting.

Text from landline number for incoming customer service inquiries

When you text-enable your landline phone number, customers need to know they have the option to text your business. Many businesses are adding texting as an additional contact method, but customers will not text your business unless made aware of texting capabilities. Update your advertisements to show that your existing phone number can now receive text messages. 

Let customers know your number is text-enabled for customer support, ordering, scheduling, or other industry-specific tasks. Offering support through text messaging is a convenient way for both customers and staff to interact. Post on your social media, website, and print media with a note to call or text your phone number. Where customers find your phone number, show them the options of calling or texting the same number. View our blog post on informing customers for more information and steps to take. 

Make sure you are as attentive and responsive by text as phone calls and email so customers continue to use it. Customers often prefer texting rather than calling if it is made easy and helpful. As texting can be done asynchronous, you do not need to put customers on hold and actively wait for assistance. 

Collaborate with coworkers with team chat 

Texty Pro offers more than just business texting. Team features in Texty Pro allow your employees to interact right within the same website and apps. Make communication and collaboration straightforward and readily available for all your staff. 

With direct messaging, you can talk to coworkers easily, right in your browser. Start a conversation with one or more other members with a direct message channel. In the same browser tab and app, you can talk to customers with SMS messages and message other members personally. Internal messages are not sent as text messages, they are private messages only shown to the included members. For directions for sending a direct message, you can follow the steps here.  

Create channels to facilitate group conversations. Organize by departments, projects, categories, and more with multiple focused channels. Keep other members updated on current information and collaborate on specific topics. Send text, images, and emojis in any channel, including internal chat messages and customer SMS conversations. Add the relevant members to notify them of new messages added to channels. Messages in a channel can only be viewed by members that are invited. 

Private notes allow members to communicate within an SMS channel without sending a text message to the customer. Get other members’ input in an ongoing customer text interaction without ever leaving the channel. Mention another member for clear collaboration within your team. Make a note of actions taken during and after a text conversation with customers. Track an ongoing conversation with pertinent notes to remind users of the status. Transfer a conversation to another user and provide a note with needed background information. More information on private notes is found in our help center

Use conversational and automated text messages

The best way for text messages to work for customer interactions is to make texting efficient and convenient. Automation can provide fast response time and facilitate engagement, but cannot always fully help customers. Landline texting allows direct interaction with one-on-one conversations. Customers can talk to real people who can assist them more thoroughly. Your business can still automate replies for after-hours messages, first-time customers, and inactive customers.  

Conversational text messaging can help make business texting successful. Book and manage appointments, take orders, provide customer support, and send coupons all by text message. Set up auto-replies and make templates to aid in fast responses. You can even send a text message to more than one customer at once. Texty Pro creates a separate channel for each recipient and is a one-to-one conversation. MMS picture messaging can aid in support by providing visual means for documentation and evaluation purposes. Customers can send you a photo straight from their native texting app, making it easy for both customers and employees to communicate. 

To text-enable your business’ landline number and sign your team today, view our plan options. With a landline texting platform, you can offer another contact method without adding a phone number. You can send text messages from your business number, keeping your personal number private. Sign up team members to have multiple users available for customer service all using your existing landline phone number. There are many ways to use text messaging in business, and Texty Pro offers many features to help you start landline texting today. Once you have signed up, you can access your account on any computer and use our iOS and Android apps.

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