Frequently Asked Questions

Can my staff log in using their own devices?

Yes. You can invite your employees and team members to create accounts to text customers with their own devices using the same business phone number you signed up with.

Enabling Team Collaboration with Texty Pro: Invite Employees to Text Customers with Same Business Number

If you're using Texty Pro for business text messaging, you can invite your employees or team members to create their own accounts and use their own devices to send and receive messages with customers while sharing the same landline or VoIP phone number currently being used at your company. This means that your team can access the same business phone number that you signed up with, and customers will be able to interact with any member of your team using that same number.

To invite team members, you can simply log in to your Texty Pro account and go to the "Member Management" tab in the Settings page. From there, you can add team members by entering their email addresses and sending an invitation. Once they've accepted the invitation and created their own Texty Pro accounts, they'll be able to send and receive text messages with customers using the same business phone number.

See how to invite members to your team plan here for step by step instructions on inviting others with your owner account.

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