Using Texty Pro

How can I add a team member to my account?

With Team and Pro plans, you can invite team members to text together by adding their email address in the member management page.

Add members to your Texty Pro account in two ways

To get started sign up or upgrade to Texty Pro's small business plan. Team members only need an email address to join your account, no additional phone number required. With a couple simple steps you will have a team ready to send and receive your business text messages.

Invite During Sign Up

When signing up and creating your account for the first time, you will be able to invite members in the last step. Ensure you are signing up for a plan with multiple users available.

  1. Your last step in sign up will allow you to invite members by listing their email addresses. You can enter as many as your plan allows.
  2. Input email address(es) separated by commas
  3. Click the Send Invite button
  4. Members will receive an email with a link to complete their profile
  5. They will click the Join the team button in the Texty Pro email and be directed to create their profile
  6. Otherwise you may skip inviting members for now and add them later in settings

After Signing Up

To add members with an existing account, first ensure you have a plan allowing multiple users. View your plan details and upgrade your account under Plans & Billing in the settings. Invite members with their email address to join and access your business messaging. 

  1. Select the settings page using the gear icon on the left side of the page
  1. From the main business account you can access the Member tab
  1. Click on the "Invite New Member" button
  1. Add your member’s email address to send out an invite email

With that, you have a team! You can now start talking with other members in private channels and with direct messages. You can continue to add and remove members as necessary and keep track in the member management page of the owner account.

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