Frequently Asked Questions

How can customers contact my business?

Customers can start a text message conversation by simply entering your business phone number in their mobile phone’s standard text messaging app, composing a message and pressing send. It’s no different than texting a friend and they don’t need to download a new app or signup to a service.

How to Receive a Text on a Landline

To your customers, text messaging a landline is no different than text messaging a mobile phone number. Your customers do not have to download any special apps to text a landline. It's as simple as opening their default text messaging app on their mobile phone, enter your landline number, write the text message, and press send. A web notification will appear on your computer that has the Texty Pro website opened and logged in when you receive a text message on your landline number. If you have downloaded our mobile apps (iOS/Android), you'll receive push notifications when a new message is received.

Add a Text Widget on your website

Adding a SMS widget to your website. This is a small chat box that appears on your website, ready to be used by customers who have questions by letting them send you a text message right from your website. You can send and receive all the messages from your Texty Pro account, just as you would with any standard text. The best part is, your customers will receive your responses on their mobile phones as regular SMS texts. SMS chat widget is a great way to engage with your website visitors, increase conversions, and provide better customer service.

Add a Text Widget on your website

Click to text button

Adding a click to text button to your website, email signature, or online ads. This is a button that enables your customers to start a text chat with you by tapping on it. It will automatically launch their default messaging app with your number and a pre-written message. This makes it easier for your customers to contact you without having to enter your number or message. Click to text is a handy way to generate more leads, increase response rates, and reduce phone calls.

Share on social Media

Promoting your texting number on your social media platforms. This is a way to let your customers know that they can text you by posting your number on your social media posts, stories, or bio. You can also encourage your customers to follow you on social media and text you for special offers, discounts, or updates. Social media is a powerful way to increase your brand awareness, grow your audience, and drive more traffic to your website.

Tell your customers to text you

Text enabling your landline number allows your business to send and receive text messages with your existing landline phone number. Using the same phone number helps with brand recognition and easy findability for customers but you do have to let them to to text you. Learn how to let customers know about business texting.

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