Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send a text message from my computer?

You can use any computer to send a text message with Texty Pro. Simply sign in to Texty Pro start texting using your landline or VoIP phone number.

Start sending SMS text messages online from a computer

To start sending SMS text messages online from a computer with Texty Pro, you need to first sign up for an account. Once you have an account, you can log in to the Texty Pro platform from your computer and start composing your message. You can either choose to send a one-time message or schedule a message to be sent later.

To send messages, you need to enter the phone number(s) of the recipient(s) or select a contact from the address book and type your message in the designated text box. Once you have finished typing your message, simply click the "Send" button, and the message will be sent to the recipient(s).

Send a text to a phone from computer

Texty Pro is a business texting platform allowing you to directly connect with your customers by text. Login to Texty Pro to start texting online from any computer using your business phone number. You'll be able to send & receive SMS and MMS text messages instantly. Sign up to try landline texting

Sending text messages from your computer adds a new level of portability and functionality to your business communication. With business landline texting, you can use your existing phone number and computer to make texting more accessible and affordable than ever before.

  • Text from your business number while keeping your personal number private
  • Send and receive SMS text messages from anywhere via the Texty Pro website or mobile app
  • Log in from any computer to access your console to view and send text messages
  • Collaborate with staff to deliver the best experience for your customers

Sign up for Texty Pro and you could be sending and receiving text messages within minutes. All you need to sign up for Texty Pro is a U.S. landline phone number and a computer.

  • Visit to sign up, log in, and find more information
  • Choose the best plan for your business size and needs
  • Team plans offer multiple user accounts for collaborate messaging and direct messaging
  • Sign up with your email address and landline phone number to text enable your number
  • You will not be billed until after your 14 day free trial
  • You are all set to send and receive text messages right on your computer

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