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How to separate business and private text messages

Keep private text messages separate from business text messages by text-enabling your business's existing landline or VoIP phone number with Texty Pro.

Keeping your private text messages separate from business text messages is easy

The simplest way to separate your private text messages from your business text messages is to use your personal phone number for personal communication and your business landline or VoIP phone number for business purposes. While it's not recommended, you can label your mobile contacts as personal or business to differentiate between them. It's important to maintain this separation to avoid any confusion or privacy concerns with your customers.

Text-enable your business phone number and keep your mobile number private

By text-enabling your business landline phone number, you'll be able to send and receive text messages using your business phone number. If you have been handing out your personal mobile phone number, you already know that your personal privacy goes out the door and you'll be receiving texts from customers in the evenings, over the weekend, during vacations and other inconvenient times.

With business texting:

  • You can send and receive text messages using your business phone number
  • Advertise your landline business number for calls and text messages
  • Keep your personal number private
  • Set up after-hours auto reply to automatically reply to all text messages received during off hours
  • Send text messages from your computer or smartphone
  • Receive business text messages to your landline phone number
  • Access your account anywhere using our web app that works on all modern web browsers or by downloading our mobile app (iOS, Android)

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