Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive a phone call and message at the same time?

Yes, the business text messages you receive on your landline number will not interfere with your phone line. You can send and receive text messages while your phone is in use as Texty Pro does not interfere with your calls or your current phone bill and our service is independent of your phone carrier.

Start Texting with Customers

You have most likely heard about business texting or landline texting and you're looking to text-enable your landline or, at the very least, want to learn more about the benefits and practicalities of doing so. Please read this article on How to Text from a Business Landline: Everything You Need to Know to lean all about texting a landline using a texting app.

How to Text From a Landline Number

If you have a landline or a VoIP number for your business, you can text enable your existing number. For businesses, a text messaging service like Texty Pro can provide you with an easy-to-use platform to text with customers using a computer or smartphone. Learn how to text from a landline number.

Frequently Asked Questions