Your Questions About Business Texting

We are here to answer your questions about business texting. See if business text messaging is right for your business and check out the benefits and features it offers.
August 29, 2023
Your Questions About Business TextingYour Questions About Business Texting

What is business texting?

Business texting or business text messaging allows businesses and customers to communicate through text messages. Customers can send you a text directly from their native texting app to your business phone number. You can use business text messaging for customer service, marketing, ordering, reminders, and more. View more information about business texting, to understand the basic requirements. 

Can I use my existing phone number for texting?

With business landline texting, you can use your business’s existing landline or VoIP phone number for texting and calls. Text-enabling your current business number is good for easy access and brand recognition. To use Texty Pro you must have a U.S. or Canadian phone number.


What phone number will my customers see when I text from Texty Pro?

Your customers will see the same landline or VoIP number that you use for voice calls when you send them text messages from a business texting service. This is a number that your customers already know and trust. For instance, if you text-enable your business number 212-555-1212 with Texty Pro, your customers will see that the text messages came from 212-555-1212.

Will text-enabling my phone number affect my calls?

Text enabling your landline number will not affect your phone calls. Texty Pro business text messaging service is independent of your phone service carrier. All phone calls will still direct to your phone, only text messages will be handled through a text messaging service. Your MMS and SMS will be shown on your text messaging platform where you can reply and send more text messages. 

How do I use landline business texting?

Businesses can use landline texting for all kinds of incoming and outgoing messaging. You can send a text from computer or any mobile device. Communicate with customers for scheduling, contactless support, orders, gathering reviews, customer service, and sales. Check how business texting can work for your industry by checking the industries menu at the top of the page.

What is two-way texting and conversational texting?

Two-way texting or one-to-one text messaging allows for person-to-person communication by SMS text messages. Customers can reply to your business messages, unlike some texting numbers. For businesses, conversational messaging can be more helpful than automated text messaging. With personal customer support and direct contact with employees, customers and the business can get more use out of text messaging as a platform. 

How much does it cost?

Texty Pro starts as low as $25/mo. You can sign up today and enjoy a 14-day free trial. We offer three plans for different business sizes and needs. Find the plan best for your texting demand. The number of members, included messages, and overage charges are dependent on your chosen plan.

What is bulk messaging or mass messaging?

Bulk or mass messaging sends one text message to multiple people while remaining private. Simply send one message for marketing purposes to reach your customer base. For more information about mass messaging for business, check out How to Reach Your Audience with Mass Text Messaging for Business.

What is MMS?

MMS or picture messaging allows users to send and receive images via text services. MMS for business can be used for marketing and customer support. Images are an effective way to keep customer attention for promotions. 

For more questions about business texting with Texty Pro, read our FAQ and support page. Get started with your local landline number for a free 14-day trial. Business landline text messaging allows your business to use your current landline phone number to send and receive text messages without affecting your calls. Visit our homepage and download our app for iOS and Android. For more details or outstanding questions, please visit our frequently asked questions and support page.

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