Getting Started

How can I receive text messages on my business phone number?

Register your US or Canadian landline/VoIP phone number with Texty Pro to text-enable your business for landline texting

Start by text-enabling your business landline phone number

If your business in not text-enabled, you are missing those text messages.

Many businesses are using text messaging to reach customers and provide fast customer support. Text messaging is an easy addition to any business, no matter the size. We can text-enable your U.S. or Canadian landline phone number so you can send and receive text messages with your existing number. With a simple sign up process you can start texting

So how do I send and receive text messages using your business phone number?

  1. Sign up to a business landline text messaging platform such as Texty Pro
  2. Choose the best plan that works for your business
  3. Create your account
  4. Provide your landline phone number to quickly text-enable it
  5. Start texting!

Is it really that easy? Yes, and you can try it out for 14 days free. No strings attached and you can cancel any time. No charges will be made until your 14-days trial is over. Learn more on how to text professionally using the Ultimate Business Texting Template

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Want to learn more about how you'll benefit with business text messaging?

Schedule a 30 minute live demo to meet with one of our team members to discuss how our business text messaging service can benefit your business or organization.

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