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What is Texty Pro Business Text Messaging Service?

Texty Pro can text-enable your existing business landline or Voice over IP number to give your customers an option to text you on the same number they’ve been calling you on. You don't need expensive equipment or a landline phone with texting capabilities to text from a landline. All you need to text using your landline number is Texty Pro and a computer or a mobile device. You'll be able to read and reply to the business text messages from any device or a computer you already own and you’ll still be able to talk on the phone just as you normally would as it does not affect your phone service. Texting from a landline is free for 14 days for businesses.

Landline Texting for Business

Getting landline texting for business used to be difficult but not anymore. Have you ever sent a text message to anyone? It's that easy. Texty Pro business text messaging service was built from the ground up with ease-of-use in mind for businesses and teams of all sizes. Texty Pro - business texting is an SMS texting platform that allows two-way conversational text messaging between businesses and customers. The great thing about Texty Pro is that you won’t confuse your customer with a text-only phone number. Simply text-enable your existing landline number to send and receive texts using a computer or mobile app. Try free to reduce calls, save time, increase customer satisfaction with Texty Pro Business Texting.

Text from a Landline Number

The process of text-enabling a landline number is quite simple and independent of your phone carrier. There are no changes made to your voice phone calls, extensions, forwarding or voicemails so you'll still be able to talk on the phone as usual. Below are some other questions related to texting from a landline number:

Send and Receive Text Messages From Your Computer for Free

Business texting is just a few clicks away. Text-enable your landline for free today.

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