Using Texty Pro

How can I add a line break in my text message?

Press SHIFT + ENTER in the SMS text input field to add a line break.

Some people like composing their text messages in a separate app like MS Word and some prefer doing it right in the text message input field. In most word processing applications like Microsoft Word, pressing the ENTER key on your keyboard allows you to add a line break which forces the text to go to the next line. That behavior is reversed in Texty Pro. If you compose your text message in the input field and press ENTER, it will send the text message to the recipient instead of adding a line break. You can press SHIFT + ENTER to add a line break.

Add a Line Break by Pressing the Enter key

You can reverse the default behavior and add a line break with the enter key by clicking on the keyboard settings and selecting the option that you prefer.

How to Change the Way to Add a Line Break

Click on the keyboard option to change how to send a text message and how to add a line break.

  1. Pressing Enter Key
    Press Enter to send the message. Press Shift + Enter for new line.
  2. Clicking Send Button
    Click Send to send the message. Press Enter for new line.
How to Change the Way to Add a Line Break

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