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How to mark a text message as unread

Did you receive a text message but can't respond to it at the moment? You can mark the text message as unread so you can return to it later.

Why should you mark a text message as unread

Marking a text message as unread can be helpful in reminding you to respond to a message at a later time. For example, if you receive a message but don't have the time to respond right away, you can mark it as unread so it will appear as a new message and you won't forget to respond to it later. Additionally, marking a message as unread can be useful if you accidentally opened a message but haven't had a chance to read it yet. By marking it as unread, you can come back to it later and easily find it as an unread message.

Keep track of text messages by marking them as unread

In the Texty Pro web app, you can mark text message conversation as unread or pin specific messages to highlight them.

1. Mark text messages as unread

You can mark any text message conversation as unread so you can respond to them later when it's convenient.

In the conversation you want to mark as unread, move the mouse cursor to a message you want to mark as unread.

2. In the dropdown, click on Mark as Unread

3. Text message conversation is now marked as unread

You can also highlight an important message by pinning the message

You can pin up to 10 messages per each text message conversation. Learn how to pin a message.

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