Using Texty Pro

How do I check if I received text messages?

Texty Pro text message notification alerts will inform you of all messages you receive, whether you’re logged in on a computer or our app on a mobile phone.

Landline texting software for business

To check if you have received text messages on your landline number, you can use a service like Texty Pro that enables landline texting. With Texty Pro, you can receive text messages on your landline or VoIP phone number and access them through an online dashboard or mobile app.

Once you have set up landline texting with Texty Pro, you will receive a notification when a new text message is received. You can then log in to your Texty Pro account to view and respond to the message. Additionally, you can set up automatic email notifications for new messages or simply download the Texty Pro app to receive push notifications in real-time.

Log in from a Computer to Send or Reply to Text Messages

Visit Texty Pro Login page to log in to the Texty Pro website. Enter your login credentials to log in and start sending and replying to SMS text messages.

Download Our Mobile App to Send or Reply to Text Messages from Your Mobile Phone

Timing is very important when it comes to business text messages. This is why Texty Pro offers a texting app for iOS devices and Android devices.

Click here to download the iOS app

Click here to download the Android app

Text Message Notification Alerts

All incoming SMS text messages will trigger a push notification on our mobile app and web notification on our website. You can configure notifications settings so that you get notified of all new text messages, or text messages that are assigned to you, or opt to stop receiving notifications. Learn more about How to Configure Notifications.

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