Using Texty Pro

How to Pin a Text Message

Want to highlight an important text message? You can do so by pinning a text message. Click on a text message conversation you want to block, click More > Pin Message.

How to Pin a Text Message Conversation in Texty Pro

To pin an important text message, visit to login to Texty Pro. Continue reading below to learn how to pin a text message to highlight it.

1. Inside a text message conversation, use your mouse to hover over the message you want to pin.

2. In the dropdown, click on Pin Message.

Your message is now pinned.

  • You can pin upto 10 messages per each text message conversation.
  • To unpin a message, click on the Unpin label below the text message.

Want to mark a text message as unread?

You can mark a text message as unread by logging in to the Texty Pro web app so you can get back to it when you are able to. Learn how to mark a text message as unread.

Using Texty Pro