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How to create a new canned response

Easily create personalized Canned Responses that include recipients' names and dynamic information with just a few clicks. Use them for commonly used texts, greetings, or frequently asked questions, and streamline your customer communication effortlessly.

Advantages of SMS canned responses for businesses

SMS canned responses offer numerous advantages for businesses. First, they save valuable time and effort by providing precomposed text message templates that can be quickly sent to customers. This is especially beneficial when dealing with high volumes of repetitive inquiries, as canned responses allow for prompt and accurate replies. Additionally, businesses can ensure consistent and professional communication by using standardized canned responses that adhere to brand guidelines. Canned responses also enhance efficiency by enabling quick access to frequently used information, such as business hours or product details. Furthermore, SMS canned responses can be customized to add a personalized touch with variables such as your customer's name, today's date and more, improving customer engagement and satisfaction. Overall, these canned responses streamline customer interactions, improve response times, and enhance the overall customer experience, making them a valuable tool for businesses.

How to create a custom canned response

To create a custom canned response in Texty Pro, you can easily do so directly in any text message conversation or by going to the settings page. Look for blue Add a New Canned Response label and click on it to begin. From there, you can compose your desired canned message, which can include commonly used text, greetings, or frequently asked questions. Customize the response to fit your specific needs, add a shortcut label, choose a relevant category and save it. This allows you to quickly access and use the response whenever needed, saving time and ensuring consistent and efficient communication with your customers through Texty Pro.

Here are step-by-step instructions for saving a new canned response:

1. Add a canned response

To access canned responses, simply click on the canned response icon (depicted as a lightning bolt) to view the list of available responses. If you haven't added any canned responses yet, you'll be prompted to create a new one. Alternatively, you can also add new canned responses directly from the settings page for added convenience.

1a. Creating a custom canned response

Click on the Add a New Canned Response button to start creating a new canned response to use.

2. Add a new canned response

A canned response consists of three key components: the actual response itself, the shortcut used to access it, and the category to which the response belongs. These components work together to provide a seamless and organized system for utilizing canned responses effectively.

2a. Add your custom message

Please enter the desired canned message you wish to use, while keeping in mind the message length. It's important to avoid sending text messages that are excessively long.

2b. Personalize your canned responses with variables

Personalize your canned text message by adding variables, such as the recipient's first name, to make it more customized and tailored. Greeting your customers by name is highly recommended for a more engaging interaction. For instance, using a personalized greeting like "Hi David, this is Jim from Ben's Auto. How can I assist you?" creates a more favorable impression compared to a generic "How can I help you?"

2c. Add a shortcut

To quickly find and use your canned response, it's advisable to assign a shortcut. For instance, if your canned response is "Hi [Contact first name]. Welcome back!", consider adding a shortcut like "/hi" or "/hi again". This will enable you to easily access and insert the desired canned response during your communication.

2d. Choose a category

When categorizing your canned responses, consider whether it's a welcome greeting, a frequently asked question or something else entirely. It's crucial to assign your canned response to the appropriate category to ensure easy accessibility. If you're new to this, take the opportunity to create new categories that align with your business needs and specific use cases. This way, you can efficiently organize and locate your canned responses whenever necessary.

2e. Adding a new category

By clicking on the "Add a New Category" label, you can conveniently create a new category while in the process of adding a new canned response. This feature enables you to seamlessly incorporate a new category into your workflow without any interruptions.

3. Save your new canned response

Congratulations! You have successfully created your new canned response. To finalize and start using it, just click on the "Save" button. Now you're all set to efficiently utilize your newly created canned response in your communications.

How to use a canned response

Now that you've learned the step-by-step process of adding a new canned response, click here to explore how you can leverage your canned responses for efficient and prompt communication with your customers. Discover valuable tips on effectively utilizing canned responses to streamline your interactions and enhance customer satisfaction.

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