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How to text from your mobile phone

Download the Texty Pro mobile app available on iOS and Android to text with customers on-the-go using your business phone number.

Benefits of text messaging with customers using your business number

Text messaging with customers using a business phone number while away from the office has several benefits. Firstly, it allows for real-time communication with customers, making it easier to provide quick and effective customer service. This can lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and ultimately increase customer loyalty.

Secondly, text messaging is a more convenient and accessible method of communication for many customers. With the rise of mobile devices, more and more people prefer to communicate via text message rather than phone or email. By offering a text messaging option using a business phone number, businesses can meet their customers where they are and provide a more personalized and streamlined customer experience.

Lastly, text messaging with customers using a business phone number can help to increase productivity and efficiency for businesses. By being able to quickly and easily respond to customer inquiries and requests while away from the office, businesses can save time and avoid potential delays in communication. This can lead to a more effective and efficient workflow for the business as a whole.

To text with customers on-the-go, download the free Texty Pro app.

You will first need to create an account and start your 14-day free trial on the web to sign into the Texty Pro mobile app. Watch a quick video to learn about the Texty Pro mobile app.

Download Texty ProMobile App to Send or Reply to Text Messages from Your Mobile Phone

Don't miss any important texts from your customers. Download the Texty Pro texting app for iOS devices and Android devices to text with customers from anywhere.

Click here to download the Texty Pro iOS app

Click here to download the Texty Pro Android app

Text Message Notification Alerts

All incoming SMS text messages will trigger a push notification on our mobile app and web notification on our website. You can configure notifications settings so that you get notified of all new text messages, or text messages that are assigned to you, or opt to stop receiving notifications. Learn more about How to Configure Notifications.

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