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How to create a private channel

Create a private channel in the team tab to talk with members in an organized way

What advantages do private channels offer over public channels for team collaboration?

Private channels chat can improve team collaboration in many ways. Private channels allow team members to have focused conversations around specific projects, tasks, or topics that only involve the relevant team members. This helps reduce noise and clutter in the main channel and allows for more effective communication. Additionally, private channels enable team members to have more candid discussions without worrying about sharing sensitive information with the wrong people. They also provide a way for team members to collaborate on tasks or projects that require a smaller group of people without interrupting the work of the larger team. All of these benefits can lead to improved productivity, more efficient collaboration, and better outcomes for the team.

Organize Internal Communication with Private Channels

Private channels allow you to create groups and topics for members. Channels can be used for different departments, projects, or teams. They can be used however you need to assist communication with your members. Organize topics and member so relevant information goes to to correct individuals. Private channels can only be seen by members who are invited. Completely separate from your SMS, private channels are for your internal communication purposes. Your messages will not affect your SMS count.

To Create a Private Channel

  1. Select the team chat icon on the left side of the page
  1. Click the plus icon next to the channels section
  1. Name the channel by typing a name next to the # sign
  1. Select members of the channel using the checkboxes next to their names
  1. Click the Create channel button

Messages sent in the channel will go to all members added. More members can be added by selecting the add member button in the top right of a selected channel. You can see the total number of members next to the channel name in the left column.

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