Using Texty Pro

How do I enable web push notification on my computer?

Agree to the browser permission for notifications when you first sign in. That allows sound notifications to play for all messages. Email and text notifications are optional, forwarding new messages to your mobile phone number or email address.

Turn on web notifications for text alerts on your computer

Browser notifications allow you to see and hear when a new message comes into your Texty Pro account.  Even when your browser is minimized or you are working on something else, you will be aware of incoming messages.

To turn on browser notifications:

  1. When signing in on your browser of choice, you should see a notification at the bottom of your screen alerting you if your notifications are turned off


  1. Select the Turn on button, then a browser notification will appear at the top of your browser window
  1. Select Allow to show notifications 
  1. You will see a notification on your screen confirming notifications are on

You are set to receive notifications when Texty Pro is open in your browser. Email and text notifications are another method of seeing incoming messages. They will forward new messages to your mobile phone number or email address when away from your computer.

Using Texty Pro