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How to assign a conversation

You can assign a user to a SMS channel within the channel header

Why Assigning Chat Messages Improves Team Accountability

Assigning a chat message to a team member can improve accountability by clearly identifying who is responsible for addressing or following up on the message. This ensures that important tasks or inquiries are not overlooked or forgotten, and that team members are held accountable for their assigned responsibilities. Assigning a message can also create a sense of ownership and urgency, as the assigned team member knows that they are responsible for taking action on the message. Overall, assigning chat messages can help improve communication and productivity within a team.

By assigning an SMS conversation to a team member, you can ensure that the customer's conversation remains uninterrupted, and any member can be assigned the channel at any time. Additionally, notifications are sent each time a channel is assigned, making it easy to keep track of who is responsible for the conversation.

Assigning an SMS Conversation

  1. Select a conversation 
  2. In the header, click unassigned or assigned to under the phone number or contact name 
  1. Select the user you would like to assign the conversation to 
  2. A message will display showing who assigned it to whom
  1. In the left column, the assigned users display name is shown under the last message 

You can filter channels by their assignment on the top of the SMS channel list. Each member can view their assigned channels or check for new unassigned channels.

Filter Text Message Conversation

Text message conversations can be filtered by categories such as "All messages," "Assigned to me," and "Unassigned."

Filtering text message conversations by "All messages," "Assigned to me," and "Unassigned" can provide several benefits for efficient team collaboration.

The "All messages" filter allows team members to see all the messages in the channel and keep track of the conversation's progress. This can help to avoid repeating information that has already been discussed and keep everyone on the same page.

The "Assigned to me" filter shows messages that have been specifically assigned to a team member, making it easier to focus on their tasks and responsibilities. This can also help to increase accountability as team members can clearly see which messages they are responsible for.

The "Unassigned" filter shows messages that have not yet been assigned to a team member. This can be useful for quickly identifying which messages require attention and assigning them to the appropriate team member.

Overall, filtering text message conversations can help teams to stay organized, prioritize tasks, and improve efficiency in managing customer communication.

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