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How to assign a conversation

You can assign a user to a SMS channel within the channel header

Take Control and Organize Your Messaging with Channel Assignment

Assigning a SMS channel clarifies who is handling an ongoing conversation. The customer can continue to talk to the same individual without interruption. You can assign a SMS channel to any member, including yourself. Any member can reassign the channel as needed as the conversation changes and requires a different member. There is a notification each time the channel is assigned showing the assignment information.

Assigning a SMS Channel

  1. Select a conversation 
  2. In the header, click unassigned or assigned to under the phone number or contact name 
  1. Select the user you would like to assign the conversation to 
  2. A message will display showing who assigned it to whom
  1. In the left column, the assigned users display name is shown under the last message 

You can filter channels by their assignment on the top of the SMS channel list. Each member can view their assigned channels or check for new unassigned channels.

Filter by:

  • All messages
  • Assigned to me
  • Unassigned
Using Texty Pro