Using Texty Pro

How to delete a text message conversation

You can remove a SMS conversation from the channel list with a swipe left

Delete text messages on Texty Pro

Texty Pro saves your conversations automatically, so even if you log out and open Texty Pro on a different device, your messages will be waiting for you. When you want to delete a specific text message conversation, click on the conversation you want to delete and drag to the right. For team plans, deleting a text message conversation will delete it from all users' view as well. Text message conversation deletion works the same on our website and iOS and Android apps.

To Remove a text message conversation:

  1. Click and hold down on the text message conversation in the list
  2. Drag left, it will turn red and show a trash icon
  1. Release 
  2. Select Delete on the confirmation deletion

You will no longer see the channel in the list or when searching. A new channel can be created by sending a new message or receiving a message from the same contact.

Using Texty Pro