Using Texty Pro

How to set up & edit your profile

All members can edit their profile information in the settings page. Each member can add and edit their profile picture, full name, display name, and job title to assist in team collaboration.

Having a complete profile in a team collaboration tool can be beneficial in many ways. It provides other team members with valuable information about you, such as your role in the company, your contact information, and your areas of expertise. This information can help facilitate communication, collaboration, and information sharing among team members.

In addition, a complete profile can help build trust and credibility with your team. By sharing information about yourself, you demonstrate your willingness to be transparent and open, which can help establish positive working relationships.

Create a recognizable owner or member profile

Unique profiles make members quickly identifiable in conversations and channels. Distinguish users engaged in ongoing SMS conversations with profile pictures and display name.

Set up your profile:

  1. Select the settings page using the gear icon on the left side of the page
  1. On the My profile page you can edit your name, display name, and job title
  1. Click the Save Changes button after you make your changes

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