Using Texty Pro

How to configure notifications

Texty Pro text message alerts keep you informed of all messages you receive, whether you’re on a computer or a mobile phone. Changing the notifications settings will affect how and when your notifications appears.

Text Message Alerts

By default, all new SMS text messages, mentions, channel messages and direct messages will trigger a push notification on our mobile apps and web notification on our website whether you’re using the primary (owner) account or a team (member) account. You can change the settings to be notified of all messages, or messages that relates to you directly, or opt to stop receiving notifications.

Customize Your Text Message Notifications

To manage your notifications, go to Settings > Notifications. 

Tip: Changes to the notifications settings will affect both the web and mobile apps.

  • To be notified of all new SMS text messages, select Everything.
  • To be notified only when you receive replies to SMS text messages assigned to you, direct messages sent to you or mentioned by your team member, select Important.
  • To turn off notifications, select No notifications
  • Be sure that you're logged in. You must be logged in and the web browser must be kept open to receive web notifications. Please keep Texty Pro open on a separate window to make sure you receive web notifications.
  • Verify that Notification Permission is set to "Allow" by clicking on the lock icon inside the browser URL bar or from the browser settings.
  • Check your notification settings from the settings page.

Questions Related to Notification Alerts

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