Using Texty Pro

How do I forward new messages to my mobile phone number?

You can set up message forwarding to have all incoming messages sent by text to your mobile phone.

Forward text messages to a mobile phone number

To receive incoming messages to a mobile phone number, you can enable mobile phone forwarding in your Texty Pro account. This will notify you of new messages even while not signed into your account. You must use a mobile number as the messages will be delivered as text messages. To set it up you must log into your Texty Pro account and update your settings.

To enable and disable mobile phone forwarding:

  1. Select the settings page using the gear icon on the left side of the page
  1. Select the Message Forwarding page 
  1. Press the toggle next to Forward to Mobile Phone to turn on, it will turn blue when on, grey when off
  1. Enter a mobile phone number where you would like to receive text messages of your incoming Texty Pro messages

You can enable it, disable it, and change the phone number as needed. You will receive a text message with the contents of the incoming message, but you must log into your Texty account to respond.

Using Texty Pro