Landline texting in Canada: Can you text from a landline in Canada in 2024?

Yes, you can text from your Canadian 10-digit landline phone number to any mobile phone number. Texting a landline or texting from a landline in this post means sending and receiving actual SMS and MMS text messages. Not text messages converted into voice messages for the recipient – which creates additional hassle that no one wants.
June 4, 2024
Landline texting in Canada: Can you text from a landline in Canada in 2024?Landline texting in Canada: Can you text from a landline in Canada in 2024?

Get landline texting instead of text-to-landline

Until now, Canadians have had to settle for Text to Landline messaging to text a landline phone number. This means that the sender would have to sign up to a service or download an app, compose the message they want to send to the landline, and send the message from the service. The service would receive the message, convert the message into a robotic voice message recording and would place an actual phone call to the recipient a few times until the call is answered. One of the biggest glaring problem is that whenever someone receives a call with a robotic voice, they automatically assume it’s a telemarketing call and would intuitively hangs up.

With a landline texting service like Texty Pro, anyone in Canada with a landline phone number can use their landline phone number for sending and receiving a text message. When texting from a landline texting app or a service, it simply means that a traditional landline phone number or a voice over IP phone number has been text-enabled to send and receive text messages, allowing it to be used for 2-way communication and bulk texting. For Canadian businesses, landline texting from their existing phone number is the best way to text with customers as times have changed and most people prefer texting over calls and you don’t have to force them to remember to text you on a text-only number and call you on your call-only number.

Landline texting in Canada

The possibility to receive and send SMS messages from your Canadian landline or VoIP number allows you to communicate with those who may not want to pick up the phone and answer the call but still need to connect with your business. Unless your current phone number is capable of receiving text messages from a landline by having it provisioned for SMS text messaging, it's 100% certain that you're not receiving the business text messages that others are attempting to send you.

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Can you text from a landline in Canada?

Yes, you can text from a landline in Canada. For consumers, texting a landline is no different than texting a mobile phone. To them, there is no difference. There are no cumbersome signups, voice recordings, or anything on their part. They don’t have to know about landline text message, how to text to landline, how do you text a business, or anything that they may not be familiar with. To text a text-enabled landline, consumers will simply open their default texting app on their phone, enter your landline number, compose a text message, and press send exactly like they would text any other mobile number.

Reasons for Texting With a Landline Phone Number

Business text messaging services like Texty Pro supports all major Canadian mobile carriers such as Rogers, Bell Mobility, Telus, Freedom, Virgin Mobile and more.

It Is Familiar and Recognizable

According to recent text messaging statistics, over 85 percent of consumers prefer to receive business text messages rather than a phone call or an email when a company needs to contact them. That is a substantial percentage to consider, and it makes sense. It is likely that as the younger millennial generation grows in number and older generations also having gotten used to the convenience of texting, consumers are simply less inclined to contact you directly by calling your business. They would rather communicate through text messages rather than calls.

If you try to call a customer, chances are your phone call will go unanswered. This is because consumers receive so many spammy telemarketing calls every day and have been somewhat trained to not answer any calls from phone number they don’t recognize, especially if the phone number isn’t a local number. Some people will also go on Google and search for the phone number that called them as long as they can find who you. This is the same for text messages. When a text is received from a number they don’t recognize, they’ll search for it on the internet and flag it as spam or simply delete your message – unless they recognize your local phone number.

If you don't have text to landline capability, you won't be able to interact with your customers on their time schedule on the communications channel they prefer the most.

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It Is No Longer an Option for Businesses

Another noteworthy statistic is that 94 percent of firms who use text messaging to engage with their clients have found it to be an effective way of communication and would suggest it to their colleagues; this is a significant proportion. Since texting from a landline is becoming more widespread, clients will expect to be able to text you and your business when they do business with you. Furthermore, there's a good chance that they already may have texted you and moved on as they did not get a text message reply. Those are the kinds of messages you don't want to miss out on for your business. Luckily, texting from a landline is no longer a rocket science. In fact, you can start texting from a landline for free.

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It's Remarkably Convenient for Businesses and Consumers

People live busy lives these days, are continuously on the go, and they have little spare time to spend on the phone in order to send little bits of information to one another. That is, in essence, the reason why text messaging has become so prominent in the last several years and have become the preferred over calls.

When you consider all of the robocalls that the majority of people get these days, it's easy to understand why people prefer to text rather than calls. In fact, 71 percent of customers believe that texting with companies they want to communicate with is a very successful method of communicating with them.

With a texting service, you'll be able to automate replies to many types of messages including when a new customers sends you a text message for the very first time or when they text you during off hours.

You may also leave contextual notes directly in the text message conversation with a feature called Private Note. A private note written will be displayed in the text message conversation thread but will remain visible only to you. The recipient that you are texting with will not see your private note written in the conversation.

Private Note inside a text message conversation | Texty Pro

You'll See an Increase in Customer Satisfaction and Retention

How do you increase customer satisfaction and retention? This question is asked thousands of times every hour. One of the ways is to make it easier for customers to contact your business. If you haven't already implemented a conversational communications strategy, you may be losing sales. Customers want to text businesses, and a business text messaging service is what you need to text with your landline number. You may be asking why use a landline number for business texting and the answer is quite simple.

You’ll see an increase in customer satisfaction because text-enabling your business makes it simpler for consumers to get in touch with you without having to plan for and set aside time. Furthermore, you are using the communication channel that your consumers prefer the most.

The ability to be more accessible may even help you expand your reach and boost client engagement levels. Additionally, you will never miss a question, request or feedback. There will be no more aggravation over missed responses, calls placed on holds or even phone tags. Make customers happy by text-enabling your landline to accept text messages from customers.

Make customers happy by text-enabling your landline to accept text messages from customers

The Ability to Centralize Your Messaging and Business Phone Systems Is Available to You

It is possible to text and make calls at the same time using the same landline or VoIP phone number by text-enabling the phone number with an SMS texting service provider. Additionally, you will be able to keep all of the typical phone call capabilities that you are used to using on your desk phone, such as caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding. No special device or changes to your phone service provider is needed. Texting from a landline works on the device you’re reading this on.

However, the most significant advantage of centralizing all of your business communications with a single phone number is that messages are less likely to be overlooked. There will be no virtual black hole for text messages on your landline if you already have a landline number.

Business Texting Services and Landline-enabled Messaging?

Okay, we've established that consumers prefer to text, and therefore texting capabilities for your landline are essential.

In other words, how does a corporate SMS service operate in conjunction with a landline? Many individuals believe that voice and text messages are routed to the same mobile device. This is not the case. They believe the two are intertwined.

However, using a corporate texting service might really assist you in managing your phone calls and text messages separately.

Text messages sent to your landline are not really "received." It's your phone number that does it. It operates as an address and is accountable for the processing and presentation of both text and voice messages. Your voice calls will continue to be forwarded to your landline phone. Your text messages, on the other hand, are directed to the software that runs on your landline texting service.

With a business texting service, you'll have a web interface and mobile apps for viewing and replying to text messages sent to your company.

You may write your replies, use automation, and send text messages that are sent over traditional SMS networks simply by logging in from any computer to the landline texting service or text on the go using a mobile app.

Too Long Didn’t Read

In addition to being quick and dependable, sending a SMS text message using a landline in Canada for your business is a necessary channel of communication that will increase customer satisfaction and retention – leading to increased revenue. The process of text-enabling a Canadian landline number takes about a minute or so. You may start texting right away after selecting your plan and verifying the landline number. Business demands constant improvement, and you should be looking for ways to enhance your customer service as part of this process.

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