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What happens to Text Messages Sent to Landline Numbers?

If you are still using a standard landline phone in 2021, you may need to know what happens to incoming text messages. See if you are missing text messages or if a simple upgrade can allow you to text from a landline number.

How to Receive Text Messages Sent to Your Landline Number?

With the overwhelming increase of mobile phones across the country, text messaging has taken communication to its current standard. There are over 280 million smartphone users in the United States. Currently, over 90% of the U.S. population uses texting at least once a day. It has become common for personal and business interactions to occur via text message, either automated or individually handled.

So how do landline phone numbers factor into the texting landscape in the US? While we know landline numbers are different from our mobile numbers, we may not know how. Landline phones cannot show us text messages or allow typing, so they do not enable text messaging. You may be wondering if landline numbers can still serve you with their limited capabilities. Nevertheless, in this age of quickly evolving technology, texting from a landline number is possible.

What currently happens when texting a landline number?

If you have an existing landline number, you may be unaware of text messages people have sent to your number. A standard landline number will not receive or deliver text messages. The sender will not be notified of failure to complete the delivery either. This leaves the conversation open and unsettled.

Landline numbers do not transfer text message information. Without a texting platform, text messages are not delivered to landline phone numbers. Incoming text messages are lost, as they cannot be delivered to a standard landline phone. Physical landline phones have no way to receive and display messages. You are unable to text from a landline number without a platform on which to view and send messages.

Options for text messaging

Use a new phone number

A new phone number like a mobile number will allow you to send and receive calls and text messages. Creating an additional number or replacing your phone number are both possible options. You may want a new phone line or mobile phone with a dedicated phone number. If you do get a new number for texting, you must alert and direct people to text this phone number. Clarify what numbers are for phone calls and which are for text messaging. Ensure your number can provide the features you want for your calls and messaging needs.

Text-enable your existing landline number

Standard landline numbers will not accept text messages unless you text-enable your number. You can do this by using a service that will transmit text messages. With your current landline phone number, you can start texting today. With a texting platform, your computer and/or smartphone become the device for sending and receiving text messages.

Text messaging falls into two categories of types of messages you can send. SMS is text messaging, usually limited to 160 characters per message consisting of letters, numbers, characters, and emojis. Picture messages are MMS. MMS messages allow you to send photos, images, and videos to a phone number. A texting service allows you to choose a new number or use your current landline number for texting capabilities. You will need a device to read and respond to text messages. A computer or phone are both useful options for easy access to your platform. Let customers know texting is available; update your website and other places you advertise your number.

Text from a landline number

A text messaging service is what will allow you to text from a landline number. You do not need a mobile number or a separate mobile service to start texting. Your computer and smartphone become the devices to read and write text messages. You can send text messages from a landline number to answer customer questions. Interact with two-way conversational text messaging, making messaging just as thorough and personal as your phone calls. To text from a landline number

Local, shortcode, toll-free numbers can all send and receive text messages if they are text-enabled. For more information about each type of number visit our article on How to Text from a Landline Number. Each number has its advantages and disadvantages that can help you with business texting. You can choose from fully automated to quite interactive and personal text messaging offerings.

Text from a landline with Texty Pro

A service such as Texty Pro will ensure all your text messages are accessible on your computer and smartphone. With Texty Pro, we take your existing landline number and allow for two-way texting. Two-way texting lets both parties can send and receive text messages. Unlike some automated text messages that say, “Do not reply”.

Texty Pro becomes your portal for all your incoming messages. It makes it possible to send messages. Right in your browser, you have access to all messages sent to your landline phone number along with the interface to send SMS and MMS messages. Receive notifications on your device alerting you to new messages. Phone calls are not affected; continue their regular use without interruption. Texty Pro offers team plans for more users to engage in texting and collaboration. Team plans have direct messaging and private channels for members to discuss topics and organize information on the same website.

Text-enable your phone number to receive text messages. Anyone with a landline phone number can sign up and text from a landline number. Available on your computer with your browser with no download required. We also have smartphone apps for both iOS and Android. Sign up today for instant access and a free 14-day trial to get your text messages to your landline number. To get your landline number text-enabled, visit Texty Pro. Choose the plan that best fits your current needs; you can always change plans. All plans come with a free 14-day trial giving you the chance to try landline texting commitment-free. Try all the available features such as auto-replies, and team chats with your existing phone number. Text from a landline number with Texty Pro.

Landline phone numbers may not have changed much in the last decades, but there is an interesting texting capability now available for landline numbers. Do not miss text messages sent by customers, clients, and contacts. Visit our website to choose your plan and create an account. Once you have signed in-you automatically start your free 14-day trial. Your first 200 messages and 14 days are completely free. You can cancel anytime; we do not start billing until your trial has ended. Get up to speed with your technology with text messaging. Increasing amounts of text messaging are used worldwide across both personal and professional spaces. Text from a landline to prepare for your 2022.