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How to send an SMS text message to multiple recipients

Want to send a text message to a group of customers?

Sending an SMS text message to multiple recipients is easy with Texty Pro.

Looking to send a text message to multiple customers at once? With Texty Pro, you can send a message to up to 10 recipients at a time. Simply enter the phone numbers of the recipients separated by commas in the To: field, compose your message, and click send. Your message will be delivered to all the numbers provided at once.

1. Obtain Prior Consent

Before sending promotional or marketing SMS text message campaigns, a business or an organization must first acquire express consent or express written consent from your text message recipients to avoid fines. Learn more about express written consent here.

To send an SMS text message to multiple individuals:

  • Click on the new message icon on the Texty Pro SMS page
  • Enter the phone numbers you would like to send the text message to, separated by commas
  • And/or select from your existing contacts below by selecting one or more checkbox
  • Type your message into the text box at the bottom of the screen
  • Click the Send button
  • You're all done! Your message will be sent to each recipient as a text message from your phone number

Mass SMS text messages are send as individual text messages.

  • All mass/group text messages are sent as individual text messages, creating their own one-on-one text conversation
  • All responses you receive will be received as individual text messages, separate and private from the other recipients
  • Recipients cannot see the other recipients' information or responses

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