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How to Switch SMS Carriers

Changing your SMS carrier? Take a look at our quick guide on how to get your phone number released from a text messaging provider to use it on Texty Pro.

Business Text Messaging Service

If you are currently texting customers using a landline number, you already know how effective business text messaging is for communications. However, not all business text messaging services are built for the same purpose. Some text messaging services are built and used for outbound SMS marketing that allows you to send a single text message to hundreds of people at a time without the ability to respond to them and some texting services are meant for one-on-one conversational text messaging.

With Texty Pro Business Text Messaging Service, any business with a landline number can sign up to text-enable their business number and have 1-on-1 text message conversations with new and existing customers. 

So how do you change from a text messaging service provider to Texty Pro? It’s actually far simpler than it sounds.

How to Switch to a New Business Text Messaging Service

  1. Contact your SMS text messaging service provider to release your phone number for SMS functionality by deleting the NNID (NetNumber ID) or the SPID (Service Provider Identifier) associated with your landline phone number. Releasing your phone number is not the same as porting your number to another carrier. Text messaging services like Texty Pro are independent of your phone service provider. No changes or additions are needed from your phone service carrier.
  2. Once you get confirmation that your phone number was released (NNID (NetNumber ID) or the SPID (Service Provider Identifier) deleted from database), visit the pricing page to chose a subscription plan and start your free trial. In most instances, your phone number will get text-enabled in just a minute or so. In very rare instances, your phone number may take longer to get it text-enabled.
  3. Fill out a SLOA (Subscriber Letter of Authorization for Third Party Message Routing Services) form that gives us authorization to text-enable your landline number.

If you are not currently texting with customers, click on the link to learn about Business Texting and everything you need to know about it. Text free for 14 days with Texty Pro.

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